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frail and bedazzled

k r y s t l e
19 January 1989
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♪♪concerts to date♪♪

The Pixies ~ Aragon. Chicago,IL. 2009.11.21

Faust ~ Wexner Center for the Arts. Columbus, OH. 2009.10.08

Peelander Z~ Cafe Bourbon Street. Columbus, OH. 2009.10.06

Guster ~ Newport Music Hall. Columbus, OH. 2009.04.03

The Smashing Pumpkins - 20th Anniversary Tour ~ Newport Music Hall.
Columbus, OH. 2008.10.31

Seether ~ Newport Music Hall. Columbus, OH. 2008.09.25

Stone Temple Pilots & Seether - Rock on the Range ~ Columbus Crew Stadium. Columbus, OH. 2008.05.17&18

Flight of the Conchords ~ Value City Arena. Columbus, OH. 2008.05.16

M.I.A ~ Newport Music Hall. Columbus, OH. 2008.05.10

ムック & D'espairs Ray - Taste of Chaos ~ Patriot Center. Fairfax, VA. 2008.03.17

The Bravery ~ Newport Music Hall. Columbus, OH. 2008.02.15

The Dresden Dolls ~ Rams Head Live. Baltimore, MD. 2007.12.27

Tegan and Sara ~ Newport Music Hall. Columbus, OH. 2007.11.26

The Smashing Pumpkins ~ LC Pavillion. Columbus, OH. 2007.10.11

Dir en grey - Inward Scream Tour ~ Nokia Theatre. New York, NY. 2007.02.10

Dir en grey - Inward Scream Tour ~ Rams Head. Baltimore, MD. 2007.02.05

Dir en grey - Family Values Tour ~ Nissan Pavilion. Bristow, VA. 2006.09.17

Dir en grey - Family Values Tour ~ Tweeter Center. Camden, NJ. 2006.09.15

ムック - Otakon 2006 ~ Rams Head Live. Baltimore, MD. 2006.08.04&5

Dir en grey - Showcase Tour ~ Avalon. New York, NY. 2006.03.21

Puffy Amiyumi ~ 930 Club. Washington D.C. 2005.08.22

Psycho le cemu - Psycho-logy 101 Tour ~ Katsucon 2005. Arlington, VA. 2005.02.18&19

L'arc~en~ciel - Otakon 2004 ~ First Mariner Arena. Baltimore, MD. 2004.07.31
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